Why are you paying high hourly rates for an expert to drive around, sit in traffic, and find parking?

DUX eliminates all of that by making your inspection process virtual.

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Here’s the story

Make your inspectors more efficient by letting them stay in the office or work from home, completing many more daily inspections while lower-cost and less qualified front-line workers drive to the locations.

You are well aware that there is a chronic shortage of inspectors and adjusters. And you can only do the number of jobs that you have the talent available for.

Inspecting and adjusting talent is the bottleneck. You will have a MUCH easier time recruiting top talent if they can skip the driving, the climbing of ladders, the squeezing through crawl spaces, and do most of the inspection work in the office.

DUX allows you to sidestep the talent shortage, picking up money you’re leaving on the table.

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Save your highest-paid experts’ time

And let your entry-level employees deal with driving in traffic.

Overcome chronic shortages of adjusters and inspectors

By making your current experts more efficient.

Recruit talent easier

By allowing experts to work from home, avoiding having to climb onto roofs and squeeze into crawl spaces.

The old way

Difficult to schedule calls

Every job required physical driving

Reporting is cumbersome

Have to manage multiple software

The DUX way

Easily schedule from web or mobile

Reduce driving hours

Reporting is seamless in the
inspection process

Manage everything from one place

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