DUX for Insurance

Increase efficiency while reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

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The DUX Way

Settle most claims directly with the insured using DUX at the first notice of loss (FNOL).

For larger loses, entry level inspectors drive from site to site.

Expert adjuster works from the comfort of their home or office. Performing more inspections per day, and managing their schedule.

Expert adjuster guides inspector on a recorded live video call. Documents the loss and generates a report.


Perform inspections at FNOL directly with the homeowner using DUX. Evaluate the severity of the damage, settle small claims quickly, or document and schedule an onsite inspection.


Trainers can guide entry-level employees through a live inspection process without needing to go onsite.

AI and Sensors

Artificial intelligence (AI) recognizes contents, damages, and reads barcodes and serial numbers, while connected sensors capture geo-location, temperature, and humidity.


DUX can be integrated easily and securely into your existing claim inspection process; from a single line code to a deep API driven integration.