DUX offers a secure and seamless virtual inspection platform. Quickly boost the efficiency of your experts by switching from your current onsite inspections to DUX.

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Core Features


Perform your inspection following your existing processes, with access to advanced call controls and the ability to take high-definition photos regardless of internet connectivity or bandwidth.


Edit photos with extensive annotation tools and build your inspection report while on the DUX call with the inspector.


Quickly integrate DUX into your systems with just one line of code or integrate seamlessly using our powerful API.

Artificial intelligence

Automatically identify observations, discover deviations and learn from your data.

DUX has military-grade encryption

  • All communications within DUX are fully encrypted.
  • Secure logins using OTP and 2FA.
  • Permission layers for data access control.
  • Confidential data are selectively encrypted.
  • You have full control over field level encryption with your own tokens.
  • All API calls are encrypted with expiring auth tokens.
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